Capture the Flag Rules

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Capture the Flag Rules (CTF)

  • The game organizer is responsible for assigning teams and for placing the home bases for each team.
  • Home bases are placed by clicking the button next to each team entry in the Team Status gump, and then targeting a location. Bases can be placed/repositioned at any time prior to starting a match.
  • Players capture opponents flags by moving to within 1 tile of the opponents home base when the flag is present. The flag will then be placed in the players backpack and the player will be surrounded with a particle effect in the color of the flag they are carrying.
  • Flags cannot be placed in containers, given to other players, or placed on the ground.
  • A player can only carry one flag at a time.
  • Players score a point by returning to their home base while carrying an opponents flag.
  • If a player is killed, any flag that they are carrying is returned to its home base. Players will then be autores'd after the specified RespawnTime (default 6 seconds).
  • If a player remains out of bounds (defined by the arena size) for longer than the allowed time , remains hidden past the allowed hiding time, is offline for longer than the allowed time, or changes maps, any flag they are carrying will be returned to its base.
  • The game ends when either the target score is reached or when the match timer counts down to zero. The team with the highest score at that point wins and the total purse is divided equally among winning team players.