Smelting Magic Items

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How To: Smelt magic weapons & armor

Q: Can you smelt all magic weapons and armor?

A: Yes. All items can be smelted, both player crafted & magic dropped items.

Q: Can you get resource types other then iron when smelting?

A: Yes! If you have a magic item that has the resource type of Platinum for example. You can smelt it down and get 1 platinum ingot.

Q: When I try to smelt down a magic item I get the message, "You can’t melt that down into ingots."

A: This is the most important part that you need to understand when smelting magic items. In UO Roleplay we have multiple crafting tools. If you are using a crafting tool other then the tool that will let you craft that item you will not be able to smelt it.

For example: Lets say you find a very rare Damascus War Mace (#4). In order to smelt that item down and get 1 damascus ingot form it. You would need to use the tool called “Weapon Smith’s Tong’s.”

Another Example: Lets say this time you find a Thorium Halberd (default UO halbard). You would need to use the “Tongs” or another similar smelting tool that allows you to craft the default items.

Last Example: Lets say you find a Mithril Chainmail Leggings (new item from set two). In order to smelt this item you would need to use a “Mail Armor Smith’s Hammer” or a “Mail Armor Smith’s Tongs” or a similar item.