Recruit a Friend

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This Page to be updated Soon

UORP Recruit a Friend.jpg

UO Roleplay: Recruit a Friend

How it Works...

  • 1. Tell your friend about UO RP!
  • 2. Your friend joins the server!
  • 3. You Earn Rewards!

If your friend/family member sticks around, you’ll get your choice of either 10 Doubloons or 50 Quest Credits!

  • Note: Its 50 Quest Credits or 10 Doubloons. All prices for rewards was lowered since the creation of this. Image has not been updated yet.

  • Required in game time for both New Player and Referrer before a reward is given: 48 Hours
  • Both Accounts need to have logged in during the last x days: 7 Days
  • New Player Account has this many days to enter a referrer & also required to be this old before a reward is given to the referrer: 7 Days