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Tested by Player: Forge Kade

As a crafter I do ALOT of gathering.. I mean ALOT! 120 mining/120 lumberjacking/and I've slayed more dragons for leather than i care to discuss.. the fact of the matter is that yes mining for the special ores is difficult.. However them being difficult to obtain is what makes them so sought after. here a miner can make a substantial amount of gold simply by mining for other players. I spent a vast majority of my day yesterday mining and here are my results after about 7 hours of mining..

  • truesilver-307
  • platinum-285
  • mithril-189
  • thorium-107
  • damascus-147

I then spent over an hour running crafting quests and was able to obtain 3k crafting coins with many ingots to spare, I just am unable to get more since there is a 24 hour cooldown which is 100% necessary.

I am saying this out of a pure balance standpoint.. mining is PERFECT as it stands! If you are to increase the amount of ores gained the entire crafting system (which is the greatest creation on this server) will have to be relooked at and downscaled.. more high end ingots means more crafting coins which means more high end gear which IS NOT good for the server/economy/community.

Simply put, mining is a great skill as is, ores are and very well should be difficult to obtain, the crafting system is just about perfectly balanced although it is unfinished with lumberjacking/fletching etc., but the GMs are in charge of keeping the server balanced including the economy/resources/etc. and they have done a damn fine job of that, that is all.