Character Creation

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Getting Started

Once you have successfully logged into UO Roleplay and have selected the server, you will be presented with an empty page. Press "New" at the bottom to create your first character!

Class Templates

The first seven choices are pre-made templates, where the skills and statistics common to those professions are chosen for you. If you have never played, or if you are new to MMORPGs in general, you may wish to simply choose a trade you think you might enjoy. If you hover the mouse over each choice, it will give you a general description of the profession. The final choice is for the player who wants to make their own custom skill and stat selections.

To make a selection, just click the icon beside the template name. This will take you to the "Character Name" screen.

The table below shows the various skills and stats that the templates start with. Several of them offer more stats and total skills than you can choose through the advanced icon.

Profession Stats Skills
Warrior - Warriors are physically the toughest of adventurers, battling their foes in all-out hand to hand combat. Such individuals require great strength to wear heavy armor and survive battles with dangerous foes. 45 Strength

35 Dexterity
10 Intelligence

30 Swordsmanship

30 Tactics
30 Healing

30 Anatomy
Mage - The Mage is an expert magic user. Though they have both defensive and offensive magic, mages are especially well-equipped to deal out damage in combat and are most effective at a distance. 25 Strength

20 Dexterity

45 Intelligence
30 Magery

30 Evaluate Intelligence
30 Meditation

30 Wrestling
Paladin - Paladins are the holy warriors of the realm. These protectors of the virtues have a number of defensive as well as offensive abilities to them. 45 Strength

20 Dexterity

25 Intelligence
30 Chivalry

30 Swordsmanship
30 Tactics

30 Focus
Necromancer - Necromancers wield the dark force of death itself as a means to find ultimate magic power. They use the power of the other side to both attack their foes and to protect themselves. 25 Strength

20 Dexterity

45 Intelligence
30 Necromancy

30 Spirit Speak
30 Fencing

30 Meditation
Samurai - The Samurai is an elite warrior who seeks to achieve perfection through battle. They strike with great accuracy, can handle multiple opponents, and have mastered the art of parrying with weapons. 40 Strength

30 Dexterity

10 Intelligence
30 Bushido

30 Swordsmanship
30 Focus

30 Parrying
Ninja - The Ninja is an assassin who uses stealthy tactics and summons deadly magic in combat to confuse and weaken their enemy. 40 Strength

30 Dexterity

10 Intelligence
30 Ninjitsu

30 Fencing
30 Hiding

30 Stealth
Blacksmith - The Blacksmith's job is to locate and mine ore, smelt it into ingots, and forge the ingots into weapons and armor to sell at shops or to other players. A new blacksmith should first find a public smithy to use. 60 Strength

10 Dexterity
10 Intelligence

30 Blacksmith

30 Mining
30 Tinkering

30 Tailoring

Advanced Characters

If you choose the "Advanced" icon, you will have to manually select the skills and stats you want to start your character with.

Character Profiles

To fill out your character profile, double left click the left most rolled up scroll next to your character on your in game paperdoll


Profiles are extremely important in UO in terms of roleplay and how other characters may interact with your character. The engine that runs UO doesn't allow you to display physical traits beyond hair color, skin tone, and gender. Your character profile tells other characters who encounter your character things about your character that aren't immediately apparent in game.

It may for example...

  • Tell other characters if your character has any obvious facial features such as scars, a crooked nose, birthmarks, high cheekbones or tattoos
  • Tell other characters how tall your character is, what their eye color might be, how they carry themselves when they walk or how they're physically built.
  • Tell other characters hints about their profession, a smith might wear a smudged smock, a warrior may keep a sword on his belt, a tailor might be carrying needles and thread in a belt pouch, or an alchemist may have pockets overflowing with reagents

This helps with immersion, helps other characters react to your character, and in a lot of cases adds a great deal of depth to the game where it can otherwise be lacking.

A few samples:

Beginner: A Merchant

The man before you is of average height for a human. The smock he is wearing is covered in soot, and his face has splotches of dirt. The way he is built suggests that he probably does hard labor.

Intermediate: An Axe Wielding Mercenary

This powerfully built man stands a good head above most others. He carries an axe on his hip that has many notches in it, on his other hip is a fat pouch of coins. His hand never strays far from his axe even in polite discussions. He walks with a slight limp when he moves, and seems to keep his back to walls while always choosing to sit facing doors.

Advanced: A Rouge Mage

The man before is of average height, 5'8, with a wiry build. His jawline is chisseled and strong, and there is a facial scar beneath his right eye that runs down the length of his cheek. It looks like it may have been a brand. His steps are quiet, almost as if he were not there, all of them practiced and precise. The air about him crackles with slight magical energy, most likely from some sort of protective enchantment. An assortment of various fine tools hang from his belt.

You can dynamically update your profile as your character gains experience, possibly receives battle scars, loses limbs and ears, or suffers from wasting diseases. Any number of things, actually!

As you can see the more in depth your profile becomes and the more detail you have the more it will convey to the characters you encounter in game.

Again, we're not expecting you to write something so beautiful that it sounds as if it were written by a professional story teller but to help foster roleplay we'd like at least some kind of character description so that characters in game understand more about your character and how to react to your character. This is not to force any of you to roleplay every moment that your logged in. Nor is it going to force you to roleplay with people you don't want to roleplay with.

What we want is for characters to be on 'equal footing' so to speak when they should encounter each other in game. What we want is for you to be curious about the characters that you encounter in game. What we want is for you to get to know the players behind them. We want you to make new friends, invite old friends, consider new possibilities, and form connections here that don't always require interactions explicitly between your characters and the staff team. We love what we do or we wouldn't volunteer our time to do it. However, keep in mind we play here too and we want to be able to interact with you and your characters in every respect not just when we're running events and quests, answering pages, or finding small ways to help you get the roleplay experience you're looking for.