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  • Skills are the various mechanical aptitudes your character may learn.
  • Each skill can be train up to 100 points, or 120 with power scrolls.
  • Your character has a skills cap of 1,000 points.
  • While it is wholly possible to train most skills at a reasonable pace through normal game play, it is to your advantage here at UO Roleplay to macro train your skills. This can be done through Ultima Online's in game macro system available in options, or with a program such as Razor or EasyUO. Please keep in mind that while training skills afk is permissible, no gathering of any resource during this macroing is allowed.
  • If your character is Hungry or Thirsty your skill gain and stat gain will be much slower.
  • Some magical items can provide bonuses to skills, which allows for those skill points to increase beyond the normal individual and combined skill caps. Not all skills allow for this.

List of Skills

Each page details what a given skill does, how it is used, and the best methods to train it.



Resource Gathering






Training Skills from NPC's

NPC training is accessed by saying the NPC's name followed by the word Train and then the name of the skill you want trained. You can see the skills any NPC will teach by simply typing the NPC name followed by the word train. Once you enter the command words the NPC will give a price and by dropping the given amount of gold on them your skill will raise. NPC's can raise your skills up to between 25.0 and 33.3 points.