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UO Roleplay Rewards

There are four ways to acquire rewards on UO Roleplay. Those three are Veteran Rewards, Contribution to the Community, Participation in Live Events, and Completing Quests.

Completing Quests

In game quests can generally be found in the various Inn scattered around the lands. It is important to note that some quests will be found in other places.

It is easy to identify a Quest NPC by their name. Look for a [Quest] at the end of it. When you talk up to one of these NPC a dialog will begin along with a prompt for you to start the quest dialog. Typing ‘quest’ will open up the quest dialog.

Once you accept the quest a blue quest book will be added to your inventory. When you double click this book it will give you needed information on completing the quest. Some important information to note about the quest is.

Is the quest solo or a group quest? If the quest is marked solo only you will gain credit for doing the actions required to complete the quest. If it is marked group (and other party members have the same quest) all members will gain credit for doing the question.

What is the quest difficulty? This primarily indicates the number of Quest Point Credits you will receive for completing the quest.

Is the quest repeatable or is there a cool-down timer before you can repeat the quest? If this information is present it will indicate weather or not the quest can be repeated. If there is a set time before you can repeat the quest the timer will be shown when the quest book is opened.

And lastly, what are the requirements to complete the quest? These will be listed when the quest book is opened.

NPC Name [Quest] Quest Offer Quest Book Quest Status
NpcnameQuest s.jpg
QuestOffer s.jpg
QuestStatus s.jpg
QuestLog s.jpg

Live Event Rewards

Participation in live events is the most fun way to acquire reward points. There are a total of 6 categories a player can be graded on in live eventing.

  • 1) Attendance 0 to 1pt The player was either there or s/he was not. 0 pts in this category means no further points can be awarded from the other categories.
  • 2) Contribution to Resolution 0 to 4pts 0pts = Watched everything happen. 1pt = Participated with little impact. 2pts = Helped. 3pts = Major contributor to resolution. 4pts = Driving force behind the plot.
  • 3) Role-Playing 0 to 4pts 0pts = Not In Character. 1pt = In Character. 2Pts = Gave a sense of his/her character's personality. 3pts = Exceptional RP. 4pts = Outstanding RP. Every GM will have a different set of values underlying this category thus the scoring will remain vague.
  • 4) Innovation 0 to 1pt A point in this category means the player did something that paid off in the plot that the GM had not planned for. This is the 'thinking outside the box' category.
  • * 5) Sportsmanship -1 to 1pt -1pt = Complaining or otherwise being a low level nuisance in the midst of the event (but will not include griefing as any amount of that will get the player kicked from the event). 1pt = acting with dignity and grace even when things do not go according to plan, such as griefers causing troubles, poor sportsmanship from other players, or even just having all your character's plans crumble.
  • * 6) Aiding new players 0 to 1pt Helping a new player to get into the event, learn the game and the shard or just facilitating them having a good time earns a point in this category.
  • (*)These two categories are not always applicable to scoring and so they are actually more bonuses than actual categories.

The Process

  • The GM of the event rates each attending player in each of the categories. The scale is from 1-10, with a potential of 12 total points for the two bonus categories.
  • The GM then adds the newly acquired points to the players Quest Point Credits to be used at a later date of the players chasseing.

Community Contribution Rewards

All Contributions to the community/shard will be rewarded on a once per three months span and earn Quest Point Credits. A GM has to be witness to any community building that a player performs for 3 or more other players or else at least 3 other players have to post screen shots of said event. Other forms of contribution include consistently standing out as a foundation player who encourages and helps to build the community and going above and beyond to help with smooth running the shard. Again, Quest Point Credits are once per three months regardless of the time put into contributions.

Quest Point Rewards

Item Name/Reward
Item Power Scrolls (All skills up to 120)
Item Stat Cap Scroll
Item Stat Buffs (+10 for 1, 3, or 6 hours)
Item Skill Buffs (+5 for 3 hours)
Item Scroll of Alacrity (Skill Gain Boost for 15 mins)
Item Scroll of Transcendence (+0.5 Skill, instant 1 use)
Item Outfit Customization
Item Name Change Deed
Item Bank Storage Increase +25
Item Bank Storage Increase +50
Item Bank Storage Increase +100
Item Clothing Bless Deed
Item Item Bless Deed
Item Weapon Renaming Tool
Item Armor Renaming Tool
Item Shield Renaming Tool
Item Jewelry Renaming Tool
Item Talisman Renaming Tool
Item Clothing Renaming Tool
Item Small Bags of Holding
Item Medium Bags of Holding
Item Large Bags of Holding
Item Exceptional Socket Hammer
Item Ancient Smith Hammer
Item Colored Anvil
Item Powder of Temperament
Item Ethereal Horse
Item Ethereal Llama
Item Ethereal Ostard
Item Ethereal Ridgeback
Item Ethereal Unicorn
Item Ethereal Beetle
Item Ethereal Kirin
Item Ethereal Swamp Dragon
Item Ethereal CuSidhe
Item Ethereal Horse NoHue1
Item Ethereal Horse NoHue2
Item Ethereal Horse NoHue3
Item Ethereal Horse NoHue4
Item Ethereal Llama NoHue
Item Ethereal Ostard NoHue1
Item Ethereal Ostard NoHue2
Item Ethereal Ostard NoHue3
Item Ethereal Unicorn NoHue
Item Ethereal Beetle NoHue
Item Ethereal Swamp Dragon NoHue
Item Ethereal CuSidhe NoHue
Item Rideable Polar Bear

Veteran Rewards

Veteran rewards will be earned at every months An eligible player is one that plays at least once a week (such as GMs can note). Players will be rewarded "Gold Doubloons" for use at the reward vendors. Vet Rewards will offer players more options. Doubloons are awarded at the following rates: 1 months = 10. Note that there are 40 Doubloon items on the rewards vendors. You will need to save up for these.

Item Name Gold Doubloons
Item A Flaming Head Deed 10
Item Wall Banner Deed 10
Item Special Dye Tub 10
Item Bronze Cloak 10
Item Bronze Robe 10
Item Bronze Dress 10
Item Copper Cloak 10
Item Copper Robe 10
Item Copper Dress 10
Item Agapite Cloak 10
Item Agapite Robe 10
Item Agapite Dress 10
Item Gorilla Statuette 10
Item Wolf Statuette 10
Item Llama Statuette 10
Item Crocodile Statuette 10
Item Cow Statuette 10
Item Potted Cactus 10
Item Flowerpot 10

Item Name Gold Doubloons
Item Hanging Skeleton Decoration 20
Item Decorative Shield Wall Hanging 20
Item A Stone Ankh 20
Item Black Dye Tub 20
Item Golden Cloak 20
Item Golden Robe 20
Item Golden Dress 20
Item Verite Cloak 20
Item Verite Robe 20
Item Verite Dress 20
Item Valorite Cloak 20
Item Valorite Robe 20
Item Valorite Dress 20
Item Lizard Man Statuette 20
Item Ratman Statuette 20
Item Zombie Statuette 20
Item Skeleton Statuette 20
Item Orc Statuette 20
Item Mongbat Statuette 20
Item Earth Elemental Statuette 20
Item Gargoyle Statuette 20
Item Potted Cactus 20
Item Flowerpot 20
Item Potted Tree 20

Item Name Gold Doubloons
Item A Tree Stump Decoration 30
Item An Ankh of Sacrifice 30
Item Leather Dye Tub 30
Item Runebook Dye Tub 30
Item Pink Cloak 30
Item Pink Robe 30
Item Pink Dress 30
Item Ice Green Cloak 30
Item Ice Green Robe 30
Item Ice Green Dress 30
Item Ice Blue Cloak 30
Item Ice Blue Robe 30
Item Ice Blue Dress 30
Item Fire Elemental Statuette 30
Item Ettin Statuette 30
Item Gazer Statuette 30
Item Troll Statuette 30
Item Ophidian Statuette 30
Item Ogre Statuette 30
Item Harrower Statuette 30
Item Potted Cactus 30
Item Potted Cactus 30
Item Flowerpot 30

Item Name Gold Doubloons
Item Rideable Polar Bear 40
Item Reward Dye Tub 40
Item Metal Armor Dye Tub 40
Item Weapon Dye Tub 40
Item Brazier Decoration 40
Item A Mining Cart Decoration 40
Item Ice White Cloak 40
Item Ice White Robe 40
Item Ice White Dress 40
Item Dark Gray Cloak 40
Item Dark Gray Robe 40
Item Dark Gray Dress 40
Item Crimson Cloak 40
Item Crimson Robe 40
Item Crimson Dress 40
Item Lich Statuette 40
Item Efreet Statuette 40
Item Daemon Statuette 40
Item Minotaur Statuette 40
Item Reaper Statuette 40
Item Dragon Statuette 40
Item Potted Cactus 40
Item Potted Cactus 40
Item Potted Tree 40


  • Unless there are extenuating circumstances stemming directly from Shard issues if you lose a reward it will not be replaced. So if you delete a character with a skill cap that's been rewarded up to 1020 or more those 20 extra skill points are gone for all time.
  • Rewards are given to a character of your choosing except where live events are concerned in which case the reward goes to the character that participated. So put some thought into it before you opt to put skill pts on character as it is unlikely that a GM will be willing to move them to another character on your account.
  • If you think you are due a reward for veteran status or for contributions, etc. Please send a Private Message to TheGuy or Orlando on the Forum and be patient.