New Player Quest Tutorial

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New Player Quest Tutorial

The following is a walk through to the quest "Moving in the Shadow" to help familiarize you with some of the options you may encounter while questing.

1) Acquire the Quest 2) Click 'I Accept' 3) View Current Quests 4) Quest Log 5) View Quest
To start you need to find a NPC or Quest Board that has quests to offer you. You can easily identify these NPC by the words [Quest] in their title. The Quest Boards are located in Narrowhaven.
After you walk up to the NPC and he/she offer you a quest start by typing 'Quest' and then push enter. This will open up the quest gump. Click 'I accept' to accept the quest.
Note To view you active or completed quests right click your character & click 'Quest Log'.
The Quest Log will let you view active quests, completed quests, and view details about active quests. Go ahead and click the button to the left of 'Moving in the Shadows' to see the quest details.
While viewing the quest information you can see what objectives are incomplete or complete, the quest difficulty, if it is a solo or group quest, and what reward you will receive for completing the quest.
6) Lock picking the door 7) Bashing down the door 8) Exploring the room 9) Examine the Spellbook 10) Examine the Potion
Now its time to work on completing the quest so head down into the sewers! Once you locate the quest location (you may have to search around) you will quickly discover that the door is locked. If you have the lockpicking skill you can easily lockpick the door to gain access to it. If you do not have the lockpick skill you have other options – bash the door down!
Some doors or items in the world will allow you do break them. In this case you can bash the door down to gain access to the room as an alternative to lockpicking. To destroy the door, double click your weapon and target the door. Your character will begin destroy it.
Upon entering the room you will immediately notice some information text giving you information about your surroundings.
Next you should examine some of the items in the room. Try using the Item Identification skill on the Spellbook and see what you can learn about it. Various items in the world have descriptions added to them. For example, trying using ItemID on gold and see what it has to say!
You should also try using the Item Identification skill on the potion and see what you can learn. On a side note we frequently add new description to items in the game world.

11) Completing the Quest
To complete the quest pick up the potion and put it in your packpack. Then open up the quest gump, click the Green 'Collect' button and target the potion to consume it. Your quest will be automatically completed. There are several types of quests objectives in the game world. This one is called a 'Collect' quest.