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Arms Lore is a skill used in the crafting of certain items and to identify the condition of a weapon. However as to the latter use, any character can determine the same information via the item's tooltip.

  • Professional Title: Warrior
  • Maximum Skill Possible: 120
  • NPC Trainers: Armorer, Blacksmith, Blacksmith Guildmaster, Weaponsmith, Weapons Trainer, Fighter, Warrior, Mercenary, Paladin, Merchant Guildmaster, and Warrior Guildmaster.

Arms Lore was no longer considered a "Useless" skill as of Publish 44 which was released in April of 2007. It now compliments the crafting of armor and weapons in the following ways.

  • Gives a +3% Damage Increase bonus to all exceptionally crafted weapons for every 20 skill points (up to +17% at 120 skill).
  • Gives +3% in random resistance on exceptionally crafted armor at 120 skill. 6 armor peaces X +3 = +18 to your total armor. This will stack with better resources types greatly increasing your total armor on crafted items.
    • these bonuses apply to all crafted weapons (metal or wood) and armors (leather, metal, and wood);
    • these bonuses stack, or combine, with properties imparted by Runic Tools.
    • these bonuses stack, or combine, with resource type bonuses



  • 0 - 30: Unlike several skills, there is no accelerated skillgain quest for Arms Lore. Train at an NPC Blacksmith, Armorer, or Warrior Guildmaster
  • 30 - 100: Activate the skill, see below. It will take roughly 25 hours to reach 100.0 skill. There is a chance to gain every time the skill is used so you do not have to switch your target or move around. Training can be sped up by using a Scroll of Alacrity and/or training while discorded by a Satyr.

Active Use

To use Arms Lore you can either create a Macro, take out the Skill Gump Icon, or press the blue button next to its name in the Skill Gump. Doing so will bring up a targeting cursor and a system message asking, "What item do you wish to get information about?"

One of the easier ways is to set create about 200 daggers, secure them in your house as this will be too many too hold, and using Razor, create a macro using Arms Lore, then target a dagger. After this, right click the "Abosolute Target" in your macro, and select "Target by Type." This will randomly select any of the 200 daggers so long as you remain standing near them.

Target the piece of weapon or armor you want to learn about. There are two possible outcomes:

  • Failure - A system message says, "You are not certain..."
  • Success - A system message says, "You study the item in an attempt to learn more about its craftsmanship and use."


Arms Lore also may be gained by constructing weapons or armor, but not shields nor ammunition. There are five skills which allow this: Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Carpentry, Tinkering, and Bowcraft.

Specific for UO RP:

armslore bonusses, 1% DI per 5 skill on top of a base of 16% DI at 0 skill exceptionally crafted weapons (20% DI for a Jack of all trades smith) 1% random armour resist boost per 20 skill (up to 6% at 120 armslore).

Armslore affects blacksmithing, tailoring, carpentry, tinkering, fletching and imbuing (only for the weapon and armour crafting/ artifact armour for imbuing off course).

thou the powerscrolls for this skill are not considered tradecoin ones (ye cannot buy them cheap for tradecoins that is, the questpoints are worth it for a dedicated crafter, this investment will set ye a stage higher from crafters who do not have it, a crafter without armslore at at least GM level is really a waste of good material.

examining a weapon for a few hours gets ye at gm or above, fast and cheap to train afk.


Arms Lore used to be required in order to preform the Wrestling special moves Stun and Disarm. This requirement was dropped with the Age of Shadows expansion.

The following tables show the information Arms Lore used to give when the skill was used to assess in-game items.

Condition of Item Assessment Response
100% Brand new
90% Almost new
80% Barely used, with a few nicks and scrapes
70% Fairly good condition
60% Suffered some wear and tear
50% Well used
40% Rather battered
30% Somewhat badly damaged
20% Flimsy and not trustworthy
10% Falling apart

Effectiveness of Armor
Armor Rating Assessment Response
31+ Is superbly crafted to provide maximum protection
26 - 30 Offers excellent protection
21 - 25 Is a superior defense against attack
16 - 20 Serves as sturdy protection
11 - 15 Offers some protection against blows
6 - 10 Provides very little protection
1 - 5 Provides almost no protection
0 Offers no defense against attackers

Effectiveness of Weapons
Average Damage Assessment Response
26 Would be extraordinarily deadly
21 - 25 Would be a superior weapon
16 - 20 Would inflict serious damage and pain
11 - 15 Likely hurt opponent a fair amount
6 - 10 Would do some damage
3 - 5 Would do minimal damage
0 - 2 Might scratch their opponent slightly

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