Animal Taming

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“What is that monster blocking the front door?”
“It’s a dragon. It followed me home. Can I keep it?”

To tame a beast to accept you as master requires patience, nerve and a power of will. The rewards of studying Animal Taming are considered by some to be well worth the time invested. Tamers have long-been considered extremely useful and versatile in fighting monsters and, to a lesser extent, players as well.

Your taming skill (along with Animal Lore) determines the odds of taming a given creature then controlling it. It's furthermore required in order to bond with certain creatures, and also plays a hand in determining your stable slot limit.

In order to tame a creature you must be standing within two tiles of it with no obstructions, then target it with the skill. Once taming has begun you may stray anywhere up to around ten tiles away (not sure on the exact amount) from the target though if it loses sight of you or is injured in any way the attempt will cease.

After a few seconds you'll be notified of either your success or failure.

While most animals are non-hostile and can be tamed at any time, most taming attempts against a monster will instantly fail. In this case there's no wait time before you can try again so it's best to set a macro and use this over and over as fast as you can until you successfully start the taming process.

Veterinary is a near essential skill for serious tamers in that it is the only method available for resurrecting dead pets.

See Pet Training for more information on training your pets.

See the Pets section for more detailed information on your pets and how to control them.

See Pet Guide for a comparison of high level hunting pets.

See the Tameables page for a list of tameable creatures.


Training taming is a very slow process in that it can only be improved through active use. It takes several seconds to attempt to tame a creature, and when you succeed you cannot gain off that creature again. In most cases it is best to take this as a starting skill for your character should you wish to use it.

In order to increase the spawn rate of new targets you should release and then kill each as you progress. You may find keeping some of them under you control to help cull the others helps matters.

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